Tuesday, November 27, 2007

An Open Letter To The Hip-Hop Community

Dear Rappers, Moguls, Singers, Back-Up Dancers, Posse Members and Mr. West,

Your music may be popular. Your clothes may premiere at fashion shows and boutiques around the world. You may even have a music video that cuts through the clutter on MTV and gets airplay. However, there is one fragment of media and pop culture that you need to stay away from: family reality shows.

MTV did it with Run's House. Then Coolio decided to get in on the act with the horrible at best show Coolio & The Gang. Now Snoop Dogg is staking his claim with Dogg Father, on E!

I get it, I really do. You re-brand yourself as a chill, laid-back family man. You have a few laughs, console a few children and you open yourself up to an entire new demographic. But this is more than we can bear. These programs make you look oafish and they come off as contrived and insincere.

Plus, it's kind of a red flag that your music career is slipping. Think of one musician whose reality show has lead to better music. Nick Lachey? Nope. Ashley Parker Angel? Who? Ozzy Osbourne? Half-dead.

Coolio & Rev Run may be done for, but you've got a new album to consider Snoop. For the sake of your work, your family and your fans, just say no. It may not have worked with the pot, but this far more detrimental.

And to the rest of you: dinkin flicka!