Thursday, November 8, 2007

Writers Strike: Day 4

Today I signed this petition supporting the WGA and their strike. If you are any kind of person at all then you will too.

They're near 7,000 signatures already in just a matter of hours. It's nice to know that people are sticking by them. I hope this well of good will doesn't dry up once people realize the writers seriously aren't writing and the new episodes of their favorite shows will end very soon.

It did make me think of which reality shows I would like to make a comeback in the interim though. I'm pulling for The Mole! That is probably the most underrated reality competition of all time. If you don't remember, the show was about a group of people participating in different spy like challenges to win cash and prizes. The catch? There was a mole in the group, a person working to throw the games and keep them from winning prizes. Every episode, players took a quiz about the mole's identity and the person with the lowest score was kicked off. It was genius and hosted by Anderson Cooper. What more could you ask for?

The full season of UK Mole is streaming online for free right here.


Anonymous said...

The Mole was definitely one of the best reality shows, it had everything, great locales, interesting challenges and the gorgeous Anderson Cooper as host. Fox Reality Channel showed the entire series (Season 1) this past summer. Now if only someone would show Mole 2 which is supposed to be even better.