Thursday, November 29, 2007

Show I'm Going To Miss The Most...

if the Writers Strike doesn't end soon:

30 Rock.

Tonight's episode made that pretty much official. There's nothing I enjoy more than shows about awkward women dating hot guys, studio heads running baseball teams, allusions to the Iraq war, and Vili Fualaau jokes. I usually don't watch 30 Rock on its first-run because I'm a converted Ugly Betty fan. But thanks to a re-run, I got reacquainted with all of my favorites.

Frank (Judah Friedlander) was exceptionally "on" tonight. I don't usually find his character too funny, but his challenge to traditional sex roles was hilarious. Why can't two straight dudes enjoy each other's bodies? Quote of the night.

Cross your fingers these deals are working. The WGA comes back to the table next week. In a perfect world, 30 Rock wouldn't be interrupted. I'm just hoping the void doesn't last too long.