Friday, November 9, 2007

Why Did I Pick Now To Start Caring About The People's Choice Awards?

The People's Choice Award ballots are online now. Normally I don't care about these awards because I've noticed when we let people decide what they like, bad things happen. (Ever wonder why Two And A Half Men is still on? People actually watch it!) But since I am a part of the cultural conversation, I decided to cast my votes. And this way I can bitch when awful shows win.

Here's who I voted for in assorted categories:

  • Favorite TV Comedy: My shows to choose from included The King Of Queens, My Name Is Earl and Two And a Half Men. The worst part? I wrote the above comment without seeing this ballot. Nobody wins with this award show.

  • Favorite Female TV Star: Nominees include Katherine Heigl, Sally Field and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Are they even serious? I'm voting for Sally Field. With any luck she'll win and we'll finally get to hear the end of her speech.

  • Favorite Scene Stealing Star: I'm not even going to tell you the nominees. Just know that the best choice was Chandra Wilson from Grey's. If you've seen that show lately, you know the competition must have been weak.
Zowee. I may watch the results, just to see how all of this shakes out. Plus Queen Latifah is hosting and she's a class act. Maybe she can save this show from itself.


Daniel said...

Katherine Heigl gets my vote. Love her to bits.