Monday, November 12, 2007

Prison Break Fall Finale! Thoughts?

What scared me most about the Prison Break fall finale? The thought that I'm going to wait through a very long and very cold December and a good half of January for the show to return, only to get one or two episodes before the Writers Strike cuts the show like a shank.

So let's talk about this while we still can. Tonight's episode was a little confusing and very disturbing. I made a short list.

  • We learned last week that vixen/villian Gretchen was a former soldier who was kidnapped, tortured and from what we can assume, sexually assaulted at the hands of her captors in Iraq. So imagine our disgust and shock when see some rich, White government type guy tell her that unless she does what he wants he's " going to make what happened in Mosul look like a massage." Ahhhh! So awful. That's kind of a cheap shot, even for an ominous threat.
  • Whistler was supposed to kill Michael before the company busted him out of Sona. It was a very tense moment, but I couldn't stop thinking how much Whistler (Chris Vance, right) looks like a dirty, poorly shaven Ryan Seacrest. I think this an intense cross promotion from Fox.

  • It was kind of ballsy for Linc to just shoot that guy in the streets of Panama, even if it was in self-defense. No one saw that? They had just come off a really busy street. This show makes Panama look like Vice-City.
So there is a lot to chew on between now and January. Where are they taking Michael? Will Mahone come back to Sona, and if so, how will he fare with the only sane American gone? And I refuse to believe that was Sarah's head in a box. Let's hope she makes a return in '08.