Friday, November 9, 2007

Writers Strike: Day 5

  • For once, Jack Bauer needs some help. (First, with the pose above.) Second, the 7th season premier has been postponed indefinitely thanks to the strike. They have a few episodes completed, but Fox doesn't want to stop suddenly, especially with the fanatical 24 fans. On the bright side, this will give Kiefer Sutherland some much needed time to serve out his jail sentence.

  • The frontrunning Democratic Presidential nominees (Clinton, Obama & Edwards) are all backing WGA. My guess is, they want to ensure good lines the next time they go on Saturday Night Live.

  • John August lead a campaign for film screenwriters to put down their pencils as well and stop working on screenplays. This could have a serious effect on 2009 blockbusters. They took out an ad and hundreds signed their name to it. This "Not a Page" initiative is really going to shake things up.