Friday, November 2, 2007

I'm Getting Green...In The Face

While watching the funniest episode of The Office ever last night, a commercial came on that made me laugh out loud. It really shouldn't have, it wasn't that funny.
It was all about NBC Universal's new efforts to go Green. It had flashy seafoam graphics, pictures of trees and the hottest tagline since "I'm lovin' it."

Green Is Universal.

Wow. I get it, and on so many levels.

The network's attempt to lure me with this BP-inspired public service did make me chuckle. But I laughed, no guffawed when I was reading Jack Myer's blog and discovered an uncanny pattern in NBC's shows next week.

  • 30 Rock: Jack creates Greenzo, an eco-friendly mascot for NBC.
  • Scrubs: Janitor watches "An Inconvenient Truth" and takes everyone to task about not saving the earth.
  • Heroes: The cheerleading squad gets earth conscious, (pictured). Don't be fooled, their shoes are now made with the crushed dreams of unpopular kids instead of plastic.

Wait a minute. Something is fishy. A little bit of googling and my suspicions were confirmed. NBC is hitting me over the head with environmentalism. November 4-11, is NBC Universal Green Week. The network is airing green-themed programming " aimed at entertaining, informing, and empowering Americans to lead greener lives."

NBC, file that under " Not Your Job."

The earth needs our help, pretty badly actually. But what it doesn't need are PR campaigns and Sweeps promotions (yeah I'm on to you guys. First week in November to start this effort? Interesting) disguised as genuine concern. Companies like GE are how we got into dire straits in the first place. (Except these dire straits don't give us money for nothing or chicks for free.)

I smell bullshit NBC. And it's not coming from my local compost heap.