Sunday, November 18, 2007

CNN Airport: Sucks - Old Movies: Don't

I flew home for Thanksgiving yesterday. For how much love and happiness you can find at the airport, at night, it can be the loneliest place on earth. People are tired, frustrated, smelly, tired of overpriced food and literally bent out of shape.

These sluggish masses of people eventually sit down at their gates and wait for the plane. What is the only consolation? The big TVs are on. You can just let familiarity wash over you. Only one thing: It's always the news. I understand that the news is important. People need to stay abreast of weather, trauma, sports scores, etc. But last night on CNN Airport (most ridiculous channel ever by the way) they were broadcasting the Democratic Presidential Debate. Again, I understand that it's really important, but COME ON! I am tired, my head hurts and I hate the sound of wheelchairs. I'm not going to like anything anyone has to say, let alone Bill Richardson.

So what do I purpose? They can't put other TV shows on. Too many families, too many debates over what to show. But they can show old movies! Imagine how improved your airport experience would be if you got to the gate and got to watch Ferris Bueller or Willy Wonka (not the frakish Tim Burton version)? Different gates could show different movies. A ticker with weather, headlines and stock quotes could run at the bottom. Think about this!

This thought alone got me through what felt like the longest 90 minute layover in my life.