Wednesday, November 14, 2007

America's TV Icons...For The Most Part

Viacom's solution to old people ,TV Land ,and Entertainment Weekly posted their list of the top 50 Greatest TV Icons. What's a TV icon? A personality who struts straight from the small screen and into your house. You speak about them on a one name basis. These people are best friends with America.

When you frame it like that, the list isn't that surprising. It includes everyone from Johnny Carson and Milton Berle to Ellen DeGeneres and John Stewart. However, a few celebrities snuck through that I am going to take issues with and a few I thought were left off.

  • Larry Hagman: Dallas was huge. No one can negate that. But really? Top 50 TV icons of all time? Really? Too soon. Plus I preferred him on I Dream of Jeannie.
  • Jennifer Aniston: Same story. Friends is funny and popular and she did have that haircut, but if I were to make a list of icons, she wouldn't crack my top 100. Or I would at least put her behind Larry Hagman.
  • Alex Trebek & Pat Sajack: Neither of these men were in the top 50. Their presence in American homes for a combined 42 years is impressive. Their quick wit and ability to keep those game shows fresh is near miraculous.
Wanna see the rest of the list? Click here or check out the TV Land special airing on November 16 at 7 central. It's set to air a jillion times after that too, so just stay tuned if you miss it.