Saturday, November 10, 2007

Writers Strike: Day 6

Just some talk:

  • Ellen Degeneres, the first host to break the lines and go back to work, is feeling the heat. Her reasons for going back make sense. She didn't want to to disappoint fans who had planned vacations around seeing her show. Plus, she's syndicated so sweeps is a big time for her. But nothing is as good as a resolution of this dispute. One of her former writers had this to say.
  • Scribe Vibe, Variety's strike blog, had some great photos of kids and animals getting on on the picket line. Babies and puppies can even make standing for hours in the LA sun look appealing.
  • 102 crew members who work on The Office were let go. 102 people. If you didn't think this was a big deal, if you didn't think this was going to effect people, if you thought this was just a blip on your news radar, it's not. This is serious business.