Monday, November 19, 2007

I'm Never Trying New Things Again

With my favorite shows out of episodes because of the Writers Strike or Fall Finales and my parents not investing in a DVR (sometimes I think I'm adopted) I have come to realize that my TV patterns may be doing more harm than good. Instead of sticking to the basics, I decided to try and watch new shows today. I didn't get very far. Here's what I tried:

  • Young & The Restless: My brother stopped over for lunch and insisted on watching this daytime classic. Supposedly he became a convert after his ex got him hooked, but I refuse to believe it. He tried to catch me up but he lost me at " This woman had three babies die and now she's pregnant again but she could die...and this baby could die too, but they'll both probably live." Things I never realized 1. My brother is not as articulate as he appears 2. Soaps are why people hate TV.
  • Emeril Live: I've seen it before but that husky torso shoved into that little chef's coat combined with all of the yelling and spices freaks me out a little. I tried it again this evening. Turns out it's exactly how I remember, except this time he made disturbing noises while molesting a turkey with butter and rosemary.
  • My First Place: HGTV follows one super annoying young professor while she tours 40 or 50 houses out of her price range before finally picking a mediocre townhose and has it poorly decorated. It's not exactly ripped from the headlines but this is pretty much what that show is. To double your pain, the network is starting a new show Property Virgins, which is essentially the same thing. Who knew watching people go into escrow was the new black?
Am I just looking in the wrong places? There has to be better TV out there? What is everyone else watching?