Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Shows I Wish I Cared About

Sometime's it's lonely at the ground floor. I just didn't think certain shows would last, so I let them go on without me. Now everyone is tuning in and I'm stuck with re-runs of Fresh Prince. Here are a few that I'm thinking of this morning:

  • Dancing With The Stars - Z-List celebrities cha-cha their way to back to relevancy. I should have believed the commercials. They told me it was a hit show all around the world. You know what else was a hit all around the world? Communism. That didn't last too long. Who knew people loved this stuff?

  • CSI & all of its ideations - I watched a few episodes of CSI, but once it split off into Miami, I thought it was done for. Pish-posh! The show took off like a motorboat filled with cocaine. Now Jessie Spano is showing up as Horatio's ex-wife. Just don't call her a chick!

  • The newest version of Battlestar Galactica: Shocking, I know. But I hear it's one of the best shows on television. Caprica? Thirteenth Colony? It's all Cylon to me. Plus Dwight Shrute is a fan and he knows fun.

  • The Tudors - Sex, killing, accents, old-timey clothes. What's not to like? I may try to catch up with this one on On Demand. Plus, I feel like Jonathan Rhys Meyers has something to prove after August Rush. Make it reign dude!