Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Hills Have Lies

Lies Lies Lies! I've never been a big advocate for The Hills. Where's the compelling drama? Local rich girl moves out of the 'burbs and into L.A. where she lands a dream job, gets drunk, hooks up with random dudes and starts giant queen fights. It's about as attractive as an ear infection. 

But thanks to a fanatic roommate and an undying need to stay in the cultural conversation, I have seen several episodes of the show. I knew most of it was set-up. I hesitated to use the word fake because the people are still real (for the most part), but the action and results were contrived. 

But this is taking it too far. Apparently, MTV is casting people for "key roles" in Heidi and Spence-Bot's wedding. WHAAA?

When there is an open call for your Maid of Honor, your life is no longer yours. You are an actress in a well-oiled cash cow. (How's that for a disgusting metaphor?) How can MTV ever explain this to the many loyal Hills fans out there who  never stopped believing the whole thing was real? 

It just makes you wonder about the rest of the reality shows out there. It's getting too hard to distinguish between actuality and fiction with non-actors. (Luckily, CourtTV is here to set the record straight.) The implications are alarming. Bad TV-->Fewer advertisers-->Cheaper Programming-->Bad TV. And this writers strike isn't helping. 

It's a vicious cycle rich in game shows and dance competitions...and nothing good can come of that.