Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tough Questions For The Candidates

Someone finally asked the Presidential candidates the tough questions...TV Guide.

They surveyed the hopefuls to see what they're watching and what their favorites are. The article hits newsstands on Thursday but thanks to the Drudge Report you can see it now.

My favorite response? John McCain! The old coot picked Prison Break. The Hanoi Hilton is his 9/11. Like Giuliani, he mentions it at every opportunity. It's almost adorable that he managed to work it in here.

And in a relatively shocking selection, Hillary Clinton mentioned home makeover shows, Grey's, and Dancing With The Stars among others. Frankly, I don't see it. Could this be a strategic move to constantly attract the lady vote? I would have taken her for a 30 Rock or Mythbusters fan. Something with less drama, more cut and dry.

You know who they didn't mention? Mike Gravel. I bet he'd pick Survivorman, then spend half an hour telling you how he could've done it better.


EK said...

thanks for this post... so cool! :)