Sunday, November 4, 2007

Amazing Race Is Back

The 12th season of Amazing Race premiered tonight and so far the pairs are the best ones yet. 

My favorites:
  • Nicolas & Donald (Grandson/Grandpa) The Grandpa swears and looks tough. He's like Cotton from King of the Hill...only friendly and with all of his limbs. 
  • Ronald & Cristina (Dad/Daughter) These two remind me of my father and I. Ronald is calm and even keeled...but he also sports a pullover that says "Who's Your Daddy." Cristina is just trying to cherish every moment she has left with her dad. He's only 60 but she speaks like he's on his deathbed. 
  • Kate & Pat (Married Ministers) They're Episcopal clergy and Amazing Race's first lesbian couple. Quote of the night, " Don't expect us to be wimps for Jesus." I hope they can win it all.
What pair am I already sick of? Brother and Sister Azaria & Hendekea. You can tell they've seen too many seasons of Amazing Race. They borrow laptops, they order taxis, they freak out when they miss flights, they start alliances one hour after meeting people. It kind of ruins the spirit of the show. I liken it to someone studying fire building and spearfishing before going on Survivor. It may be smart, but that's not what you're there for. 

I'll end with another quote from our favorite ministers:
"The Amazing Race is a love letter to the planet. This beauty of this Earth comes from God and we get the chance to sort of hopscotch around it and love it. Ya know? What a gift."