Monday, November 5, 2007

Week In Review

So much to say! I wish I could type faster!

Desperate Housewives
It got really soapy last year but Marc Cherry and company have turned it around. The show has gotten a lot funnier, especially out of context. 
"Look at yourself, you've declared jihad on a possum."
I'm loving Bob & Lee, the new couple in town. Lee (Kevin Rahm, pictured) is the perfect person to put the biddies of Wysteria Lane in their place. Rahm was an underrated character on Judging Amy, it's nice to see him shine now. 

Gourmet Next Door
Finally, I sat down and watched Amy Finley's new show. Finley was the winner of Next Food Network Star and she proved the win was well deserved. I watched the first episode, and it felt a little rushed and panicky. The food looked really good though, and she took the time to explain what she was doing. Her recipes were simple, elegant and practical for working people. 

Saturday Night Live
Brian Williams ,anchor for NBC Nightly News, hosted this week. He is a much better actor, especially comic actor, than anyone will ever give him credit for. I hope he comes back, he's probably the best host this season. With the Writers Strike, he may be last host for awhile...single tear. 

Mazda's Black Choir Commercial. 
At first you think it's a commercial for Macy's, or maybe a restaurant. But then the zoomzoomzooms kick in. I have to find it on YouTube. Or you guys can just watch primetime TV for an hour. 

What's on tap for this week? A two-hour Prison Break, Green Week on NBC, no late night TV. Too much to watch!