Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Jeopardy Trebeks...Treks to Wisconsin

UW-Madison is playing host to this iconic tournament next spring?

What are the 2008 College Jeopardy Championships. 

I couldn't resist. 

As a Madison native, this is all very exciting, but also nerve-wracking. I love my city, but I am nervous as to how it will be portrayed. I am imaging Trebek walking around the lake, getting Blue Moon ice cream all over his face, or paddling a canoe. And what about the students? 15 incredibly nerdy and awkward college students converging on the Union South bowling alley...or worse...Mad Ave. If not done right, Madison stands to look like the lamest isthmus in the country. 

The episodes are shooting in April and airing in May. Meanwhile, I'm compiling a list of places for the crew to shoot B-Roll.