Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Writers Strike: Day 2

The "Where have they been?" Edition

My favorite part of this is the onslaught of celebrity support for the oft-forgotten writers. 

Here's a gem of a blog post from Jamie Lee Curtis. By the way, where has she been?

I spoke about the strike with my brother last night. When I mentioned the late night talk shows were going into reruns, he had the brilliant suggestion to air moderately old episodes instead of just shows from the past six months. Think about it; wouldn't you enjoy watching Jay Leno interview movie stars and musicians while they were still in their prime? Chumbawamba, (Where have they been? I guess they never did get up again.) Devon Sawa, LFO and hell, Jamie Lee Curtis. The humor in hindsight would be way funnier than current late shows anyway. 

Just something to consider.