Sunday, October 14, 2007

Week In Review

Things I just couldn't blog about fast enough.

Pageant Place
How about that? Hot girls living in a house together (pictured), sharing secrets and getting in to bitchy fights. MTV is all about innovation. We haven't seen a show like this in three hours. On the upside, by virtue of the show, the girls are a bit more dynamic than the usual ladies of music television.

Ugly Betty
Did anyone catch the following in last week's episode?

  • High School Musical's " Get'cha Head In The Game" during Justin and Daniel's basketball scene. Nice cross promotion Disney.
  • Marc's (Michael Urie) hot plaid outfit
  • Betty singing...almost to Toni Braxton's "Unbreak My Heart."
  • James Vanderbeek is guest starring next week. I don't wanna wait for that!

The Office
Something is a little off about The Office. I'll be happy when the 22 minute episodes are back. There is just too much slack in the long ones. 15 minutes about Michael kidnapping a pizza boy? I call bullshit. If it weren't for Andy's acapella rendition of ABBA's "Take a Chance on Me," I would've fallen asleep. The one liners can't be the only thing that keep this show going. It's not Family Guy you know.

I am excited about next week. We will have a lot of things to talk about. Amy Finley's New Show, Christina Applegate's comedy Samantha Who and maybe I'll finally watch/write about Bionic Woman. We'll see.