Wednesday, October 3, 2007

First Impression of Better Half

Bravo's new reality game show, Better Half, isn't going to work. The show pits two couples against each other. It's best described in letters. Couple 1 = A&B Couple 2 = C&D

A & C are both experts (In this episode, they are both chefs)
Their job is to teach their spouse or girl/boyfriend how to cook.
B&D then compete against each other. (Each of them is cooking for 20 people)
A panel of judges decide which person is the "Better Half." How punny!

Unless Bob Eubanks is hosting, game shows about couples don't last. Even funny shows with built in tension won't make the cut. Anyone remember the show Things I Hate About You? That's what I thought.
BH has potential, but the good stuff is lost in Susie Essman's (Jeff's wife on Curb Your Enthusiasm) color commentary. We're watching all of the " Now do you see what I go through?" moments and then it cuts to her blabbing about scrambled eggs. She's too funny to be a host/moderator on a show like this. I'd rather have the participants talk to a camera in a "confessional" set-up. Their sentiments would be a little less filtered.

I want this to work out, but if you want to see Better Half, I'd get in on it before it makes the leap to webisodes.