Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Price Is Wrong Bitch!

It's difficult following a man many people grew up with. Bob Barker was warm, paternal in a non-creepy way, and above all sincere. He lasted so long because as much as people wanted to be on the show to win prizes, they also just wanted to be in his presence. The show is kind of boring, the games are classic but not timeless, and the prizes are about as exciting as a sack lunch. Bob Barker was the reason we cared.

Needless to say, Drew Carey has a tough act to follow. Instead of making the show his own, he is going the safe route and just trying to maintain tradition. While he does a fine job, we don't get to see what makes his spark. Carey's humor is dry, quick and pointed. Today's episode left holes for perfect jokes, but he didn't move. It was like watching a snake ignore a bunny with a broken leg.

For example. A crazy lady comes out of contestant row and freaks out. I mean seriously freaks out. The best part? She has a weird nasal, obnoxious laugh/cry and she can't control it. Carey makes no remark. Fine, maybe ripping on the contestants is too pointed for the second show. But when she finds out she's playing Plinko, she reveals a not-so secret fact to Carey.

"Ahh, I have to go potty."

What does he say? What perfect quip does he have up his sleeve?

"Well you have to play plink-o before you go to the bathroom-o."

Where is Drew Carey? He could've said so many things. Anything really.

  • Well, don't pee on the chips.
  • Try to contain your excitement.
  • If only you were guessing the price of Depends
No. He caved. I appreciate his effort to toe the line. But Carey's not going to last 30 years if he doesn't carve out a name for himself. For crying out loud, the announcer got better jokes in. Show some balls Drew! Or did Bob Barker have you neutered before he left?


bmore beauty said...

I totally agree. The show is terrible to me. You are right Bob is a tuff act to follow. I watched another episode when the plinko chip got stuck and there was no joke afterwards. Here is what I wrote to the shows email and CBS:

Dear Price is Right producer/manager:

Honestly, I would like to be frank about the new host. When I heard it was Drew Curry of all people, I thought I would faint!!! My mother and I were trying to get back out to the show just this year, before the new host was announced. We spent the entire Summer discussing it. We were blessed to make a taping of the show back in 1999, and Bob was the best host, it was HIS show!!!!! I know it is hard to top him, but you did a horrible job!!!!! Drew Curry?!?!?!?!?!!? You mean to tell me that was the ONLY option in the whole wide world????? It would have been best if the public were given an option to choose the next host. It still is an opportunity to have the public involved!!! It could be like a reality show to pick the new host. Hopefully he didn't sign a long term contract, if so, you guys make enough money to pay him off!!!!! I won't even look at the show when I am working from home anymore. I caught it for 5 minutes when the Plinko chip got stuck, and it was horrible. Drew has no spunk, enthusiasum, or energy that it needs to be a host of the BEST game show in history!!!!

Unfortunately, my mom passed on 10/12/07, and Drew's first day was 10/15/07. She did not get a chance to see the new host, and honestly she said she was not going to watch it anyway. Little did we know she really meant it. We are still in mourning her death and will miss her very much!!! I had to get this off my chest. For her sake, please take Drew off!!!!