Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Creep House

I like to catch episodes of Full House when I come home from work. I've seen all of the episodes at one time or another, but today I caught one that was so obscure and so, dare I say, inappropriate, that I needed to share it with the edubTV public.

  • The plotline was simple:
  • Danny feels old.
    • (He's 33, more about this later)
  • The intern at Wake Up San Francisco finds him attractive.
    • (She's 21 and in college)
  • He asks her out on a date
  • It's awkward, so they break-up.
    • (But not before this gem)

Michelle (to the intern): Are you here to play with DJ?
Danny: No Michelle, she's here to play with me.

This episode is creepy on a few fronts. First, if Danny is 33, then he was married and had DJ by the time he was 20. How do I know? In this episode, DJ is graduating from middle school. Second, what kind of sleaze dates the station intern? Not the Danny Tanner I know and love.