Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Channels I Didn't Know I Had: Fox Reality

Welcome to the second installment of Channels I Didn't Know I Had. Tonight, I will highlight the waste of space that is channel 108: The Fox Reality Channel.

The self appointed " premier destination for unscripted programming" airs old episodes of all of your reality favorites including American Idol, Temptation Island 2, and Paradise Hotel.

But don't get me wrong, FR also has orginal content, most of which is hosted by Kennedy. For those you who forgot, Kennedy (pictured) is the four-eyed, formerly frizzy haired VJ from the MTV of yore, (the one that played videos). She also hosted the bitchiest game show of all: Friend or Foe?

Am I being hard on Fox Reality? Maybe. Is it well deserved? Yes. I am a fan of many reality shows, competition and documentary. If anyone would have an appreciation for the network that brings me old epsidoes of Celebrity Mole: Hawaii, it would be me. But this is just too much. The channel is like one really long commercial. And though their web site advertises several shows available, I can only seem to catch the tail end of the Really Awards. A telecast more ridiculous than the VMAs.

So for now, I am advising everyone and their mother to stay away from Fox Reality. Or at least wait until this gem of a show comes on. Then we may have something.