Monday, October 8, 2007

Channels I Didn't Know I Had: TV One

Thanks to Comcast, I have digital cable for three months. Hot. The best part? I have a channels that I don't need or watch. From now until November (when I have to give the box back) I will be profiling one of these oft-forgotten networks every week.

TV One is a cable channel targeting African-American adults. They feature entertainment, business, financial and other lifestyle programs.

It's not only refreshing to see the African-American sitcoms I used to love that either never made it, (Wanda At Large) or were gone too soon (Hangin' With Mr. Cooper). But I enjoy the original programming as well. New show, Baisden After Dark is a late night variety show that also discusses controversial issues like pornography's influence on society and fatherhood. There is just no place else to see this stuff or anything like it.

And sometimes it's just nice to see people who look like you on TV, especially in commercials. It's admirable that corporations want to advertise to the Black community, and invest in TV One. But it's disheartening that I can't see these ads on broadcast networks, or even basic cable.

All in all, my day with TV One has been great. I may keep this one in heavy least until November.