Monday, October 8, 2007

If I Love America's Most Smartest Model, What Does That Make Me?

America's Most Smartest Model got it right. The new reality series on VH1 doesn't take it self too seriously, but they found a group of people who do.

The show pits 16 co-ed models in competitions to prove who is not only great at posing, walking doing model-y things but also who can spell the designer brands they're doing it in. Having guys and gals in the house is a great twist that doubles the drama and great out of context quotes. (Sassy model Jesse is going to get his own show out of this. He's flippin' hilarious)

The contestants are smarter than you'd think. Most of them have have bachelor's degrees from pretty good schools and one is working on his dissertation. They are a pretty credentialed bunch and their portfolios are pretty impressive. One guy, Pickel (his last name) has worked with GQ, Acura, and all sorts of high class brands.

But nothing compares to Andre (pictured). Hailing from Russia, Andre is the one of the only non-Americans on the show. He is passionate to a fault, but it's comic gold for the rest of us. He went on a rampage about how modeling is a higher calling than acting. I quote:

I live in Time Square. I have a $6000 apartment. I have a rare dog. I have a gorgeous girl. I'm here for one simple reason: to prove [to] people that models aren't stupid.

If he had said, "and I drive a dodge stratus!" It would've sealed the deal. I don't know about you guys, but I'm only 1/3 through the first episode (it's 90 minutes) and I'm hooked.