Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A New Branch of Dunder-Mifflin?

Too soon!

For the most part, the readers of this blog know the two of us personally. This means you know our collective favorite show is of course, "The Office."

For me, it's more than a fun thing to watch. This show is one of the reasons I majored in Com Arts, it's the reason my jokes got a little funnier in college, and it's the reason I have to wake up on Thursday mornings. This show is not just my favorite, for the most part, it's the best.

And then, I take a break from work, to discover this. That's right. NBC is planning to make a Spin-Off of The Office. My first reaction? "Noooooooooo."

Why the nervousness? This could go horribley awry. Supposedly, the new show doesn't siphon away one of the main characters ( like Private Practice) but it does infringe on the good name this show has.
And I think part of my reaction is simple jealousy. I've been with the Office from the beginning. I watched it turn from a BBC copycat to a gem that unites everyone in the mediocrity and humor of work-life. Watching it grow-up and get poached for a spinoff is near heartbreaking.
However, I am holding out for hope. I have enjoyed spin-offs in the past. Here's a short list of my favorites.
  • Just the Ten Of Us (Growing Pains)

  • Family Matters (Perfect Strangers)

  • Good Times (Maude)

I could look back on this post a year from now and consider myself the biggest idiot of all time. But right now, I am just waiting with bated breath. Don't fuck this up NBC. I saw what you did to Joey.