Thursday, October 18, 2007

Gimme Less. A Lot Less.

Not only do I use the sleep timer on my TV while I fall asleep, but I use the on-timer to wake up. For those of you not familiar with this device, it's essentially a clock-television. Should my 3 cell phone alarms not do the job, at 6 AM on the nose I am woken up by series of progressively louder beeps and then TBS for the opening chords of the Saved By The Bell theme song. Other than the smell of freshly cooked bacon, it is the best way to wake up.

Last night, instead of setting the TV for TBS, I accidently set it for MTV-Hits, MTV's annoying kid sister that only only plays shitty pop videos.

So imagine my surprise this morning when the piercing beeps weren't the only shrill noise blasting my ear drums. Instead, the first thing I saw this morning was Britney Spears' gyrating pelvis. Color this my worst morning in recent memory.

I don't want anymore of that. No thank you.


EK said...

is the picture necessart!?

EC said...

Very much so. I would've rather seen that than whatever that was this morning.