Monday, October 15, 2007

Samantha Who? In The What Now?

Remember Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead? That was a sweet movie. Christina Applegate did a great job playing a bad-ass teenager with some serious maternal instincts. Now, she's older and playing a bad-ass grown up who has retrograde amnesia. Let me just say, the plot about the decomposing old lady was more convincing.

"Samantha Who" premiered tonight on ABC. The half-hour comedy follows a young woman who is involved in a hit and run, slips into a coma for eight days and comes out of it with retrograde amnesia. Applegate plays protagonist, Samantha Newly (Get it? Newly? Amnesia?). The pilot introduced us to Samantha's parents (Jean Smart is making us laugh again and I love it) her slutty best friend Andrea, former boyfriend and her old friend Deena (Melissa McCarthy, Gilmore Girls) who conveniently rekindled their friendship while she was in the coma. The primary goal was set up tonight as we learned pre-coma Samantha was a cheating, alcoholic, hussy. Eight days in a coma transformed her personality completely, and now she is out to change her ways and be "new Sam." Think My Name Is Earl for the Sex And The City set.

The first episode was quick, witty and pretty fun to watch. But by the end of the episode the jokes were already growing a little stale, and the whole situation is kind of difficult to believe. Christina Applegate is perky and smiley and considering the show's circumstances, it doesn't always make sense. If the writers can make her more dynamic, the show on the whole will be more tolerable. Regardless, if you don't come with high expectations, you won't be disappointed.


Ted Glomski said...

So I can't really watch American TV (except for CSI and CSI: Miami, since that's the only two American shows they get here), but I do enjoy reading about what I'm missing. And you write well, too; it's like reading the AV Club with twice the hilarity and one hundredth the pretension. Keep it rockin', like the back row in band.