Thursday, October 4, 2007

My Not So Secret Obsession With "Greek"

There are a few cable stations that I try to avoid. I'm not big on Spike, not really emotionally in tune with Lifetime (however Oxygen has its wide array of acceptable programming...sort of), and I'm certainly not interested in the Sci-Fi channel. Among this list used to be ABC Family. I'm not 12, so that was obvious.

However, with the recent addition of "Greek" I've eased up and started tuning in. "Greek" is your typical sugar-coated show about college life, specifcally about Greek life on campus. It's funny to me though, because there's something different about Greek and I think it's in the relationships. The stereotyping makes me woozy and definitely makes the show a little more ridiculous, and a little less worth watching. But, for some reason, when it's on I watch it.

Here's why:
- there are a number of funny, subtle references that are appealing
- the characters, albeit a little melodramatic tend to be pretty realistic and funny
- the plot progresses
- the representation of greek life is very humorous, and even more so when realistic
- the music's really good
- there's a kid who plays a hardcore southern, religious type... that's always good for TV
- cappie's pretty hot and a good character

I'm sure the other half of this blog will consider resigning when she reads this, but I've got to admit, if you're interested in a little young adult love drama (shaking my head with each word), then check out Greek! Hey, the pilot's free on iTunes!