Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Kid Nation: Religion Royale!

I tried to avoid writing about Kid Nation again, but after another truly fascinating episode I have to lift that ridiculous moratorium.

If you're not watching KN get off of your tower of moral superiority and check out the last honest show on TV. Yes, it's edited and the yes the children are lead to act by a fake pioneer journal created by the shows producers, but the kids' thoughts are genuine and honest. They're children, so the lack of self-censorship provides some of the most insightful television available.

Tonight's episode was no exception. Religion was on the docket and who knew kids were so passionate about their faith. The subject came up at a meal and the children quickly divided between Christians and the self-appointed "Jew Crew." Later, when the topic of a Bonanza City-wide religious service came up, many were up at arms. They thought religion bred conflict, they wanted to worship in denominational groups. The town council tried to hold the service anyway but no one came. Instead, a few children from assorted religious groups held a prayer service before bed. Nothing made me laugh/smile more than one kid crying after the prayer when he learned non-Christians prayed too. It was adorable and sad that his parents and faith leaders back home had failed him so poorly.

Tonight's episode also highlighted just how pervasive alcohol conventions are in movies, other Tv shows and contemporary America. Tonight, Cody, a 9-year-old from Ohio was missing his girlfriend (a whole 'nother issue) so he went to the saloon to,"...drink some rootbeer and get it off [his] mind." Cody later decides to leave Bonanza City and his best friend on the show cries for awhile, then does a few shots of Root Beer. I know exactly where they're picking this stuff up, but I just don't remember knowing all of this stuff as a kid. I knew what shots were, and we would do chugging contests with milk or orange juice but nothing like these guys. I wonder what shift in society made some of these conventions so pervasive.

Just throwin' it out there. I love this show, because you can take it really seriously and think of things like that, or just take it at face value and laugh at Jared.

And for our fan or two out there, tonight's episode was so awesome, both of us will be discussing it. Stay tuned for the other half!