Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Goulet: That's A Wrap

Last night, Robert Goulet died while waiting for a lung transplant He was 73-years-old.

What does most of our generation know about Goulet? Will Ferrel doing a bad-ass impression of him on SNL. Or that Emerald Nuts commerical where the man himself is sneaking around an office, messing with people's stuff.

But he was a lot more than that. Ed Sullivan once called Goulet, " The American Baritone from Canada." He was the last of the great crooners; suave, debonaire and hansome. He had a TV, thatere resume a mile long. And if I were alive 50 years ago, or if I were suddenly 70, I wouldn't kick him out of bed.

He was classy all the way through. According to CNN, the last words he said before the doctor's put in his breathing tube were, " Just watch my vocal cords."

Goulet. Badass. Now and forever.