Friday, October 19, 2007

I Miss You Old Office

Maybe it's because I'm 3 beers in now. Or maybe it's because the rest of my week has been lackluster. But I am going to say something and I don't care who knows it.

I am falling out of love with The Office.

Last night was charming. It wasn't particularly funny. Or witty. It wasn't quick, it wasn't subtle. It was just...okay. To be honest, the whole thing reminded me of one deleted scene after another.

It's still my favorite show, so I guess you could say I still like it. I just want the old Office back. No sad Dwight, no sappy Jim, no sensitive Andy. Just back to basics.

I love you Dunder-Mifflin. I'm just not in love with you.


Anonymous said...

omg i totally much that wasnt supposed to happen did...pam and jim were never supposed to actually be together...though cute it losts it funny...angela and dwight :( how sad it is just terrible!!! there were always supposed to be together...and ANDY ugg no one was supposed to EVER like andy...and the temp was never supposed to be successful!!!! lets go back to the old episodes like the fire, or the return, or the negotiation....
cordially, latte1234

6 mil $$ man said...

Its just a shame. i used to count down to the next office, like the season premeir...but not i just make myself watch it...hopping it will be back to how it use to me
i can name every episode in order and atleast one great quote in each...but only with the old episodes...:(
the office: an american workplace: "you cant do violation i could fall and pierce, an organ"