Saturday, December 1, 2007

Serenity Now! It's #100!

It's the 100th post. I'm a sucker for numbers. I consulted the other half for how to celebrate.

" Haha ok. Um how about 10 top lines in TV ever."

She presents a pretty tall order. I'm not old enough to remember nor appreciate some of the best lines this medium has to offer. TV Land took care of compiling the 100 Greatest Catchphrases of all time. However, they're old. Most of the characters mentioned were probably taped up in my mother's locker in high school. My list will be a little different. More current, not as classic, and will smell less like prunes and Ovaltine.

My Top Ten isn't made up of the Greatest Lines of All Time, just my favorites of the last two decades.

1. "I couldn't help but wonder..." (Carrie, Sex & The City)
2. "That's what she said." (Michael, The Office)
3. "We were on a break!" (Ross, Friends)
4. "Woah" (Joey, Blossom)
5. "Make it work." (Tim Gunn, Project Runway)
6. "Not that there's anything wrong with that." (Seinfeld)
7. "I've made a huge mistake." (Gob, Arrested Development)
8. "Whaaaaaaats Up?" (Martin, Martin)
9. "Upload the schematics to my PDA." (Jack Bauer, 24)
10."Homey Don't Play Dat!" (Homey Da Clown, In Living Color)