Friday, December 7, 2007

Run For Money is Going To Run My Life

Necessity begets innovation and this new reality show is no exception.

Sci-Fi's Run For Money is going to be my new favorite program as it combines 24 and Legends of the Hidden Temple.

50 people are unleashed in fancy locations and compete against each other in challenges for cash and prizes. However, they are being relentlessly pursued by "hunters" who are trying to take them out of the game. The contestants get money every second they stay alive and can walk-away at any point. If they don't and they're attacked by a hunter then they lose everything.

The challenges are an hour long and the show is in real-time, adding to the intensity. As the hour ticks by the playing field gets smaller and more hunters come out. The last person standing gets the grand prize.

This show is going to be like crack for me. Challenges, hunters, frayed nerves, glamorous locations, fierce temple guards...err hunters, and people who don't know when to quit.

Let's just hope there's no shrine of the silver monkey. Otherwise these people are dead in the water.