Saturday, December 8, 2007

This Just In: The Real World Stinks

I am over The Real World. In my humble opinion the show started sucking after New Orleans. Call me old school.

My suspicions were only confirmed when I saw this video via Reality Blurred. The next season of RW takes place in Hollywood (Hills cameos anyone?) and the cast is employed by an improv company. The video is some of their performance. You can even see the MTV cameras capturing it.

From what I can make out:

  • These people are not funny
  • They should not be doing improv
  • Let alone in public
And supposedly someone else gets kicked off of this season too. RW alternates have been having a pretty good year.


liz said...

false. real world is in its best season of recent history.

aks said...

they should go to improv camp with Micheal Scott.