Thursday, December 20, 2007

Clash of the Choirs: Almost Cool

The other half of this blog may punch me in the face for this very short post, but it must be said.

After making it through almost the entire two-hour episode of Clash of the Choirs last night, I can admit, (with sincerity) that it was not half bad. Dare I say I enjoyed it.

The vocalists blew the pants off of anyone on Idol, the music selections weren't all about JC, and t the judges weren't too hokey. My only complaints were:

  • The Host: Maria Menounos is not only obnoxious but I'm about 95% sure she's a cyborg. The only thing on her that moved was her jaw. I don't remember seeing her blink.
  • Timing: Two hours yesterday and a two hour finale tonight? That's a lot of singing and way too much Menounos.


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