Sunday, December 9, 2007

Watch Smart!

Desperate Housewives is over for now and in its place is a TV movie that looks about as cheesy as Monroe, Wis. For your well-being, I would encourage you to steer clear and instead watch something informative for a change. My Tivo has been reminding me all week about 1968 With Tom Brokaw. I finally looked into it and it is going to be an excellent news-documentary.

Brokaw examines this literally explosive time in America's history with news clips and personal reflections. He also interviews people who were knee deep in the struggle and those who can look back on it now. Brokaw even spoke with Rafer Johnson, the aide who was next to RFK the night he was assassinated.

Known as a seasoned journalist, Brokaw is also a well-respected author, scholar and historian. His previous books The Greatest Generation and Boom were critically acclaimed best sellers.

1968 is on tonight on The History Channel at 9/8 central.