Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I'm A Little Bit Excited...And Rock & Roll

Donny & Marie Osmond may be getting their own talk show again. I remember their stint in daytime a few years back. I hate to admit it, but I remember watching it everyday. I think it came on before my actual favorite, Rosie, and I just got hooked. They were witty, excitable, had a great rapport with the guests and their set looked like a sunroom in a late 1980s McMansion; kind of classy, but not over the top.

This is coming across as the second coming in the media. I don't know what everyone is so afraid of. I would much rather hear some positive news from Donny and Marie than the constant yapping from Rachel Ray or va-jay-jay talk Tyra can't stop spewing.

Their new show may be reality, or another syndicated daytime program, but either way I bet there will be singing, painful smiling and casseroles. I'm game.