Thursday, December 6, 2007

Not As Bloody As The Movie

ER is celebrating their 300th episode tonight. Say what you will about the show, especially it's current declining years, but that's quite an accomplishment.

My favorite moments:

  • George Clooney saving those boys from the drain pipe. That day, a star was born.
  • The episode, My Bloody Valentine. Dramatic, scary, sad. Why did Lucy have to die?
  • ER teamed up with Third Watch after Susan's niece went missing. There aren't enough great crossover episodes anymore.
  • Any episode with Red Buttons. Nuff said.
  • When the Greene/Corday baby, Ella, accidentally eats ecstasy. Who knew baby overdoses could be so funny? Extreme melodrama.
  • Carter, Kovac and Pratt venture to Africa. Finallly, the travesties are brought to the surface. The episodes were beautiful and incredibly poignant. Some of ER at its best.