Friday, December 21, 2007

Things To Look Forward To

File these under things I am kind of geeked out about:

  • The Elmo Christmas Countdown. Elmo is at it again, getting the top stars in movies, TV and film to appear with him on his ABC special. Nothing pleases me more than the Soprano's goons having a sitdown with Bert and Ernie.
  • Zach Braff is the EP of Saint of Circumstance, a new show starring David Denman (Roy from The Office). The pilot for the Fox drama was written by Adam Braff, Zach's brother. It's about a work-a-day cubicle employee who quits his shitty job to become a paramedic. Awesome or lame? I guess we'll find out after the strike. I don't want to lose hope that Roy is never stepping foot into Dunder-Mifflin again.
  • USA's The 4400 and Dead Zone got canceled. Now how will my mother drive me crazy with shitty TV? Oh, I forgot. This won't help me at all.
  • Fire up your DVRs people: To Catch A Predator is coming back to NBC for one night only! Nothing says Merry Christmas like Chris Hansen reading inappropriate chat logs and showering creepy men with iced tea.