Monday, December 3, 2007

Writers Strike: Weekly Update

  • The late night talk show host are ponying up and paying their staff. Some are more modest about it than others.
  • This baby was born during the strike. Her mom is a writer and her dad is a gaffer. She's adorable. Too bad her parents are temporarily out of work. (Womp, womp)
  • Viacom is putting every single episode of South Park online for free. While you're laughing at a talking piece of shit, remember that the writers aren't getting paid for any online content.
  • The writers on strike clinched the coveted title of iWantMedia's Media Person of the Year. They beat out Perez Hilton, Rosie O'Donnell, Don Imus and others. Maybe they will carry this momentum with them when they resume negotiations tomorrow.


EK said...

i resent the fact that you put a "womp womp" in a post. BOO BOO!