Saturday, December 15, 2007

Even Viva Laughlin Is Better Than This

There's nothing on TV tonight. The entire day for that matter. My Tivo usually records 11-15 "suggested" shows per day. Suggestions are things the Tivo would think I like. I provide a thumbs up or thumbs down with the remote to give him some information about my tastes.

Today, the Tivo only recorded two things. An episode of Biography about Will Smith (thumbs down) and and episode of America's Next Top Model that I think I've seen about 11 times (double thumbs down).

Sensing my displeasure, I think the box just gave up. It hasn't recorded anything else since before 10.

With no recorded TV I went the old fashioned way. I went through the screen guide and tried to find something interesting. No luck. I am currently suffering my way through an episode of Sex and the City. Even the one where Miranda meets Steve doesn't seem interesting tonight.

My books and DVDs are packed away. No luck there.

This is my own private corner of hell. I don't think I'm addicted to the TV, but on nights like this, when I don't even care about what I'm watching and I can't turn it off I'm beginning to think I have a problem.

Maybe Intervention is on.


Anonymous said...

may I suggest Lockup on MSNBC...sort of creey, but the kind where you can't stop watching.

EC said...

Yeah...about that...