Wednesday, December 19, 2007

...In A Van Down By The River

Chris Farly died 10 years ago yesterday. Like 9/11, I can tell you exactly what I was doing when I heard the news. I was doing a mapping project on the floor and my brother threw a newspaper at the back of my head and said,

"There goes Black Sheep 2."

His callous response to the tragic death of one of the best physical comedians in the past 25 years stuck with me. My next thought went out to his family. The Farleys are long-time Madison residents and this town crumbled a little bit that week. It was hard for a lot of people to grasp the fact that the brightest light to come out of this town was extinguished a bit too soon.

But enough sad stuff. Let's remember Chris Farley the best way possible, with copious laughter.