Friday, February 29, 2008

So Long quarterlife

quarterlife couldn't make the transition to TV. The show premiered on Tuesday to only 3.1 Million viewers. According to the Hollywood Reporter, it was the NBC's "worst time period performance in at least 17 years," and it was summarily canceled on Thursday. Tough love for a show that was supposed to be the gifted lovechild of TV and the Internet.

So why didn't it work? No one likes to watch people similar to themselves, especially when those people are insecure, awkward, and downright annoying. If they do watch, the time period needs to be at least 10-20 years removed so the audience can look back at just how endearing their neuroses were. (See: The Wonder Years, Happy Days, That 70's Show, Freaks And Geeks)

The show's creative team must not understand the meat of my generation. We're bigger than your 44 minutes in primetime will allow. My generation is in an uncertain world. We're mobile, we're excited (mostly hopped up on energy drinks and breakfast cereals), we're curious, we're tech savvy and we're just like everyone else...except we can navigate the internet and still remember how VCRs work. Presenting us in a better light may not garner viewers, but your plan didn't work out so well either.

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