Saturday, February 2, 2008

Crash Into Starz

I hate the movie Crash. If someone gave me several million dollars and told me to make a movie about race in America, I could have made that movie. It wasn't enlightening, it didn't make me think, and it certainly did reveal any truths about being a minority in America. This could be because I spent almost 23 years as a person of color, or it could just be because the movie sucked.

Since the movie isn't popping up as much On Demand, I haven't been able to whip out my Crash rant for awhile...until now. Starz is turning Crash into a TV show.

This is Starz' first foray into television. Unlike HBO and Showtime, Starz held out on TV and invested their money in better movies, usually earlier than the other premium channels. So if making Crash was risky in the first place, now it's being done by amateurs.

Apparently the show wont be all about race relations or car accidents that teach people life lessons. While this is wonderful to hear, I have to wonder if this TV adaptation is really an adaptation at all. As long as it's not so hokey and ridiculous, I'm willing to give it a try.