Monday, February 11, 2008

MTV: Enough Is Enough

MTV needs to be stopped.

Their next bright idea is a talent competition for celebrity children. The famous spawn compete to see which one of them is the best rock star.

Are you kidding me? If this is making it through the idea wringer, I have a few ideas of my own for MTV's next celebrity inspired hit.

  • Celebrity Pet Match: Celebrity pets fight to the death. Vote with your cell phone to decide who's going in to the ring next.
  • Hollywood Feed Bag: Young starlets compete in eating challenges. The first person to make it to a healthy weight wins.
  • Jail House Rock: Celebrities coach teams of dangerous inmates at California's super max prisons. Which ones will rise to stardom? Which ones will end up shanked?
Don't act like they're any worse than what we already have. Is it so wrong that I just want music videos back? Or at the very least...Austin Stories.


Liz Warner said...

Don't talk about MTV that way! You know Real World/Road Rules: The Gauntlet is my favorite! and if they ever bring back The Hills then I'm still a fan!