Saturday, February 9, 2008

I Finally Saw "The Wire"

I finally saw The Wire at the suggestion, (no urging), of my friend Aleem. I was also motivated by this article from The Onion.

To avoid being the fodder for other novelty newspapers, I went to Aleem's to watch the show on DVD. It was exactly what they said it would be: Abrasive, complex, intense, etc. While it was interesting to watch, and probably some of the best television I've seen in this strike-zone, I wasn't convinced.

Aleem will chalk it up to only seeing two episodes. Purists will say I shouldn't have watched it in a room with a bunch of people, including a few chatty ladies. But they way I see it? It's Hill Street Blues with more drugs, drinking and "fucks." Not bad by any stretch of the imagination, but I am going to need more convincing before I start bowing down at its feet like everyone else in the free least those with HBO.


Anonymous said...

Well you do need to watch more then just two episodes. Some people are hooked after episode 1, but usually everyone who ever became a fan of the show became hooked no later then episode 4. After that point, if you still fell wishy washy toward the show, well then it may just not be for you.

At least you are giving it a shot. IMHO, even though I feel as though the show is incredible entertainment, I feel even more strongly that The Wire is the most IMPORTANT American drama ever made.