Thursday, February 21, 2008

Breaking Free From The Norm

I just got around to watching the season finale of Prison Break last night. While critics (especially those who don't watch the show) will say its gotten implausible or crazy this season, I've enjoyed its twists and turns.

Monday's finale was no exception. It was fascinating, suspenseful and brought all of the characters, and viewers to their breaking points. The episode finished off with a Spanish song that was so piercing and agonizing I almost had to put it on mute, but yet I couldn't turn away. Television hasn't captivated me like that in a long time It was borderline intoxicating. I had to turn off the TV and sit in silence for a few moments before I could continue.

Maybe my defenses are low after suffering through so much reality and shitty TV for the past 100+ days, but Monday night's season finale of Prison Break was truly exceptional. It made me a believer in Fox again, and made me even more excited that writers are back to work.