Monday, February 4, 2008

No Deal! Please!

Deal or No Deal is kind of ridiculous. I never sat through an entire episode before, and tonight I learned just why.

There are 26 cases in the game and because it's sweeps (I know it's easy to forget without new shows) 10 of those cases have $1 Million in them. Great odds huh? But do those odds warrant 90 minutes of this crap?

My favorite part: Tonight's episode features Becky, an elvish looking woman (they've made fun of her height several times. We get it, she's petite!) with 5 kids whose father currently commutes 16 hours each weekend just to see his grandchildren. She wants to win the money so he can finally retire. Becky's mother is optimistic she will walk away with the money because she's been through so much adversity and " she can do this." How surviving traumatic events correlates to picking random suitcases on a stage I don't know. But according to Mama Elf it does.

I won't tell you how it ends, but I know one thing is true: Between the Patriots losing yesterday and me committing 90 minutes to this tripe, the terrorists are having a banner week.