Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ask Elizabeth, But Only If You Have To

Everyday I find another reason to get down on my knees and thank the good lord for GMail. Today is no exception.

While checking my messages today I saw a sponsored advertisement for a website called Ask-Elizabeth. It's a resource for tween and teen girls to learn more about peer pressure, body image, friendships, health, boys, etc. They can ask anonymous questions and swap stories with girls everywhere. And you'll never guess which beacon of Girl Power is bringing this site straight to browsers everywhere...Elizabeth Berkley.

Yes, that Elizabeth Berkley, Jessie " Caffeine Addict, oil-derrick bound, long-skirt cheerleader" Spano from Saved By The Bell. You may also remember her from a little movie called Showgirls. Nothing says "I am committed to making a positive impact on young girls around the world" like a DVD Box set that comes with pasties.

I may joke, but I do applaud Berkley for devoting so much time to this endeavor. Resources for young ladies have come a long way since Gurl (Remember that anybody? You may have checked your first e-mail on it while you read your Delia's catalog). Anyway, it's just funny that young women are looking to Elizabeth Berkley for guidance. Jessie Spano may have been a better choice. At least she got into Stanford.


amber marti said...

This reminds me of Kim Cattrall's book "Being a Girl" that was written for teenagers. Do you really get to give teen girls advice after playing a slut and co-writing other books on orgasams?